Bulb bouquet orange

Bulb bouquet orange

Bulb bouquet orange
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This is not just an ordinary bouquet of typical Dutch tulips; these tulips have kept their bulbs. They are handpicked carefully and tied in a traditional way. Thanks to the bulbs, the flowers can stand on their own. The bulbs keep the tulips strong, therefore you can enjoy them longer.
Care tips:

  • Inside: put it in a bowl or leave in package and regular watering, a layer of about 1 centimeter at a time.

  • Outside: Out of the wind, firmly in a pot or in between other plants. After a lot of rain, remove excess water

  • When the tulips are past, plant the bulbs in the garden!

Product details:

  • Stem length ca. 45 cm 

  • Number of stems ca. 20 

Delivery includes:

  • Luxurious delivery box

  • Personal message