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General conditions for Frederique's Choice

Article pricing/delivery costs
Delivery in various countries
Intellectual property
Subject to change

1) Relevance
1.1 Our terms and conditions are applicable to all offers and sales.
1.2 These terms and conditions are only applicable under Dutch law.
1.3 By placing an order through our web shop you accept our terms and conditions.
1.4 Nearly on all of Frederique's Choice articles there is copyright protection in place. Copying or reproducing any digital content found on our website in any way is prohibited without written consent from Frederique’s Choice Europe BV.
1.5 You can reach our customer service from Monday until Friday from 09:00 till 17:00 via phone +31 (0)85 489 2130 or via e-mail: info@frederiqueschoice.com.

2) Agreement
2.1 Before an agreement between both parties is made, the general conditions must be made available for the consumer. If this is in any way not possible than the consumer will be offered the option to download or get a printed copy of the general conditions.
2.2 If an agreement is made digitally, than the general conditions will be made available for the customer digitally so the consumer can store them onto a digital data carrier. If this is not reasonably possible in any way than the consumer will receive instructions on how to read the general terms and conditions online. At the request of the consumer a copy of the terms and conditions can be sent to the consumer free of charge.

3) Article pricing / delivery costs
3.1 The indicated prices are per piece in Euro.
3.2 The indicated prices include VAT.
3.3 Costs for delivery are not included.
3.4 The VAT percentages differ per product group: flowers and bulbs 6%, other products 21%.
3.5 Frederique's Choice reserves the rights to make price changes on the site at any desired moment. Placed orders are always delivered against the price stated on the order confirmation.
3.6 For orders in worth of €125,00 or more for 1 delivery address there is no delivery charge.

4) Delivery in various countries
4.1 Delivery is only available within the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden.
4.2 Delivery in the Netherlands and Germany is possible on Tuesday through Saturday.
4.3 Delivery on the Dutch Wadden Islands can take up to two days. Deliveries on Saturday are not possible on the Dutch Wadden Islands.
4.4 Delivery in Belgium is possible on Tuesday through Friday.
4.5 Delivery in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden is possible on Wednesday through Friday.
4.6 In the Netherlands delivery is possible the following day if an order is successfully placed before 17:00.
4.7 In Germany and Belgium delivery is possible the following day if an order is successfully placed before 15:00.
4.8 Orders for Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden should be successfully placed before 15:00. Delivery to these countries can take up to 2 working days. For example, a successfully placed order on Monday before 15:00, will be delivered on Wednesday.

5) Delivery
5.1 Deliveries are made on the desired delivery date between 09:00 and 18:00.
5.2 We strive to deliver each order (95%) on the desired delivery date. However if delayed by unforeseen circumstances of our courier, i.e. traffic, the flowers will be delivered a day later. This will not affect the freshness of the flowers, since they are transported in fresh water, a cool environment and proper packaging. Should you experience any problems with the delivery on arrival, let us know within 3 days via e-mail: info@frederiqueschoice.com. Flowers that have been in transit for over 3 days, will be (after consulting the consumer) reimbursed or new flowers will be delivered by Frederique's Choice.
5.3 Deliveries on national holidays and the following day are not possible.
5.4 Non-fresh items are delivered within 3 working days.
5.5 The consumer is always responsible for providing Frederique’s Choice with a valid delivery address. If the delivery address is invalid, delivery is made to a postal box, or the recipient refuses the delivery all costs including delivery costs are for the consumer. Costs made or quality losses due to delivery to neighbors or front desks are also for the consumer and these costs will not be refunded by Frederique’s Choice.
5.6 Our items are carefully packaged. Should you be dissatisfied about the quality of your order, or if damaged products have been delivered, contact us as soon as possible.
5.7 It is possible that your order is delivered in two deliveries. This is due to the freshness of the flowers, they will always have priority over none-fresh items. When a vase is ordered together with a bouquet of flowers we will try to deliver them simultaneously.
5.8 During special offers and holidays, delivery dates may change or may be fixed. This will always be clearly communicated in the breakdown of the offer.

6) Payment
6.1 Deliveries will take place only when a payment by credit card, Paypal, online bank transfer or Electronic Direct Debit has been placed in our web shop.
6.2 Invoiced deliveries for businesses are possible. Please contact our sales department for more information.
6.3 You will receive an automated e-mail confirmation after your payment is processed. This e-mail confirmation is also your invoice. The VAT is stated on the confirmation.

7) Advertising
7.1 We will do our best to deliver the highest quality flowers on the requested delivery date. Should the delivery not comply with your expectations, contact us within 3 working days via e-mail: info@frederiqueschoice.com
7.2 Frederique’s Choice bouquets are subject to the availability of flowers on any given day. It is possible that the contents of a bouquet of flowers is slightly different from the photograph. The overall impression and value of the delivered bouquet of flowers will have minimal differences to the one it ought to replicate. These minimal changes will maximize the life of the bouquet by supplying only the freshest flowers available at that time.

8) Offers / discounts
8.1 Offers and discounts are not interchangeable and cannot be combined.

9) Minors
9.1 Frederique’s Choice will only make an agreement with a person that is not a minor. If a minor wishes to make an agreement he/she should have consent of an adult.

10) Intellectual property
10.1 All provided images, illustrations, texts, graphical material, (trade)names and logo’s are property of or licensed by Frederique’s Choice and are protected under copyright law. It is prohibited to distribute, forward or copy any material found on Frederique’s Choice’s website without written consent.

11) Subject to change
11.1 Due to the fresh nature of flowers and the possibility to order 12 months in advance it is possible that certain flowers are not available any more at the moment of delivery. If this situation arises we will contact you to change the order. Frederique’s Choice is reserved to change the order so that the order can go ahead. We will always deliver an order with a similar appearance and of equal value.

12) Cancellation
12.1 The purchaser can cancel his order 48 hours before the desired delivery date. The cancellation has to be made in written form (eg letter, fax or e-mail) and does not have to state the reason of cancellation.

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