Privacy statement

Dear visitor, customer,

What do we do with your data?

From 25 May 2018, we need to explain clearly what we do with your personal data and we are happy to oblige. However, if things are still unclear despite our explanation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

IP address and email address

Each time you visit our website, our web server automatically recognises your IP address but not your email address. We will store your email address if you leave messages on our websites or if you give it to us. If you are visiting our site through a different website, we will store that domain name. We track and store information about which pages within our websites you have visited. If you participate in any voluntary matters, for example a survey, or other matters, we also store that information. 

Orders and data processing

In order to process your order, we always need the following information, which we will then use and process: 

  1. your name 
  1. email address 
  2. telephone number 
  3. billing address and 
  4. payment information required to process an order. 

When fulfilling an order in the Netherlands and abroad, we also need the delivery address with the name of the recipient.

As a result, we process the following data when you order products from our websites:

  • name 
  • address
  • city 
  • telephone number 
  • email address of the buyer
  • payment information for the order
  • the name, address, city and phone number (optional) of the recipient
  • login details if you have created your own account
  • IP address


By law, we must give you the opportunity to access your details at any time. At your request we can alter your some of your details; however, we are bound by the fact that we have to store important data, for example for the tax and customs administration. We observe the legal requirements and the retention period. After this period, we can alter and/or delete the data at any time. 

How long do we keep your data for?

We keep your data relating to an order for a minimum of 7 years. We are obliged to do so because of government legislation. 

Who else uses the data?

Within our company, we make use of (external) specialists. These could include software suppliers, payment processors and carriers. Only these parties have access to the data they need for the order to be fulfilled: 

  • The provider of the chosen payment option 
  • Our financial software package
  • Our CRM package
  • Carriers 
  • Processors of the orders 
  • In the event of a direct delivery from our network of florists: the florist who handles the order

All the above companies and parties work according to the GDPR obligations.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies on our websites. The information from a "cookie" provides information about the internet site that has been visited and give us information that will help us with the following:

  1. registering your preferences
  2. registering activities on the site
  3. improving our service to visitors

Transferring information 

We use a specific secure environment (server) to transfer specific and/or critical information. Within that environment, we work with various security protocols which have been tested by third parties.

Within our organisation, the CEO is responsible for data protection. To find out more, please send an email to


You are registered with us because you made this request at some point. That is why we are sending you notifications. If you no longer want to receive any more notifications from us in the near future, please get in touch with us, or you can unsubscribe yourself, of course.

Your information 

If, based on our business operations and/or developments that we have not yet foreseen within this explanation, we will or are obliged to use your information differently, we will inform you immediately at all times. We can only use your data after we have given you notification and changed our policy. We do this so that you are always able to refuse some changes.

Your data

On request, we can always show you what data we collect from our visitors. If you would like to know more about this, or you would like us to change and/or amend your details, please contact us at and we will respond to your request within 48 hours.

We are doing our best! 

We try to handle your data as best we can and be as open as possible about how we do that. However, if you see any areas of improvement, we would love to hear from you. Please send your comments or suggestions to It’s possible that we will contact you as a result.